• jaredseitz

Mulch or Rock, What's Better!?

You've planted your trees and shrubs. You've even put in a few decorative flowers that will be half the price by the end of June. You've invested in your yard, and you want it to not only look good, but work good too... "Work well." ... Your right, work well...

So which finishing touch works the wellest? Mulch or stone?



Better growth; less water; more nutrients added back to soil; fewer weeds; perfect temperature; less compaction.


Annual replacement; too much of it (like anything) stresses your plants; possible weed seeds.



Low Maintenance; lower cost (because they're longer lasting); fire-proof!!!; weed deterrent (at first);

wind resistant. CONS

Hotter soil temperature = stressed, thirsty plants; no nutrient benefits for plants; alkaline soil, which can hurt trees; captures soil, which then helps foster feeds; tedious to place and remove.

VERDICT... *Drum rooooooooooooooooll* ... MULCH STACKS UP (but not too high!). It has better pros, and aside from the cost of replacement, has fewer cons for the investment of the rest of your garden. HOWEVER... Stones are better than no mulch at all, so when in doubt, at least choose one! :)

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